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Compressed Air Measurement

Compressed Air Measurement & Technologies

Most manufacturing facilities use compressed air in their everyday processes. It is important that this compressed air is oil and dust free and also has low moisture content. High moisture in the compressed air lines can lead to corrosion that potentially leads to rust particles in the air steam. There are multiple applications from the use of compressed air in process manufacturing and these require dew points ranging from 3º C (general factory air) to minus 70º C (respiration air).

The quality of compressed air is so important to produce constant quality in the process filters and air driers. When using air dryers, it is important that not only the effectiveness of the dryer is monitored but also any early signs of maintenance or failure are detected ahead of time.

One of the most important things to look for in a compressed air product is a fast response time. Measurement instruments should have a response time that can be measured in tens of seconds to quickly detect any issues and allow corrective action to be taken.

Your humidity measurement instruments are only as good as your calibration. Even the best instruments need regular calibration to ensure they remain accurate. In a complex industrial drying process you could be talking about tens of instruments. That means a lot of time, effort, and money spent on calibration. Our product offerings have long calibration intervals and regular self-calibration features.

Roscid Technologies recommends the DewTran HB chilled mirror hygrometer for maintaining high quality air supply in medical applications. The HDR200 is suitable for less critical applications such as paint spray and general factory use.

Compressed Air Measurement