Ken, Don, and Craig:

I first want to Thank you so much for providing support when we needed. I called in the middle of the night, and you guys started working on the problem it to help solve it.

I’m happy to report that we finally figured it out, and it was not a dew point sensor problem. The problem was with the Armstrong steam injection system. The system was turning itself off while the process was running. The steam injection system was doing this because the controller kept calling for a cleaning cycle, whereas the system dumps the water within the steam injector (hot near boiling water) and then refills itself with new cool water. When that is happening, obviously we don’t have a steady flow of steam, and the dew point sensors are reading the yo-yo effect. Once we fixed the steam injection controller issue, we were able to again maintain a tight control of our dew point levels.

Again Thank you all for your help during this problem. It’s good to know that if we have a problem that we can’t understand, related to the Roscid sensors, that you are there for us. You make a great product and stand behind it.


Joseph Litza

Engineering Manager, Arro Corporation