Roscid Technologies

Product Spec Sheets

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DT30 – A 3 stage Chilled Mirror Hygrometer (-60C dpt)
The CM10 Economical Chilled Mirror Hygrometer
OxyP Portable Oxygen Transmitter
16P103 Oxygen Sensor
16T303 Oxygen Sensor for Inert Gases in PPM Range
FRRO Field Replaceable Tip Board
FRRO-B Field Replaceable Tip Board for Barometric Pressure
16T304 Oxygen Sensor for Acidic Gases in PPM Range
16P307 Oxygen Sensor for Acidic Gases
16P306 Oxygen Sensor for Inert Gases
Dewtran II-PDM Portable Chilled Mirror Hygrometer
DewTran® II Chilled Mirror Hygrometer
DewTran® Precision Hygrometer
PPMG101 Dew Point Generator
RO120-W Precision Transmitter
O2 Tracer DIS R
Hydro-Trans Hydrogen Transmitter
PLMa Loop-Powered Moisture Analyzer
TMA-2100 Trace Moisture Analyzer
DewTran LC Precision Hygrometer
RO-PDM Portable Dew Point Meter
OxyTrans LC OEM
Oxymaster 16TW
RO120 – Precision Transmitter
Portable Oxygen Transmitter
O2 Tracer R with Alarms