Roscid Technologies and NASA agree to licensing terms of a new innovative solid-state resistive humidity sensor.

 Woburn, MA:  Roscid Technologies has agreed to licensing terms with NASA in commercializing a NASA designed humidity sensor.  Roscid has been collaborating with NASA for more than 2 1/2 years characterizing the humidity sensor’s operating specifications. Due to impressive results, Roscid is aggressively moving forward with introducing this new robust moisture sensor to several challenging humidity markets that other typical polymer sensors failed to perform in.

This new ceramic dielectric humidity sensor exhibits minimal hysteresis, environmental robustness, fast response, repeatability and stability within a temperature range of 5C to 90C and a humidity range of 5% to 99%. Preliminary testing shows with great results the durability and repeatability of the moisture sensor in chemical environments such as gasoline, 3% hydrogen peroxide, isopropyl alcohol, ethyl alcohol, N-Methylpyrrolidone and ethylene oxide (EtO).

This NASA humidity sensor is designed using a proprietary ink and is currently screened onto a ceramic substrate. However, the ink is also designed for taking advantage of other printing technologies such as aerosol or ink jet if necessary.  This current design process allows the humidity sensor to fully recover after condensation events with many types of liquids (water, gasoline, etc.). Unlike a typical polymer-based humidity sensor, this proprietary inked humidity sensor does not drift or lose its sensitivity due to liquid contact or chemical exposure.

Benefits of the solid-state humidity sensor

  • Very high sensitivity to small changes in relative humidity
  • Fast response and recovery speed
  • Robust solid-state design
  • Operation at low voltages and power
  • Small sensing element form factor that enables miniaturized sensor design
  • Ceramic sensing element that offers potential higher temperature sensing capabilities in excess of 125⁰C
  • Flexibility in dielectric ceramic powder formulations that enables the use of a very thick and thin film printing methods

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