The Oxytrans II is a 4-20mA loop powered 2- wire transmitter. It is offered with 4 different field selectable ranges; one for  trace moisture and the three other configurations are in % ranges.

The OxyT II-T (ppm)range is: 0-10, 0-100, 0-1000 and 0-10000 ppm of O2, the OxyT II-T1 range is field selectable  for three different range 0-0.25%, 0-2.5% and 0-25% of O2, the OxyT II-T2 has three selectable ranges : 0-0.5%, 0-5% and 0-50% of O2, and the fourth selectable range is 0-1%, 0-10% and 0-100% of O2. All units come with the Hart protocol, and all units have a one point calibration adjustment on the front display.  All the units use a special micro fuel sensor and are field replaceable. As an option, the custom can also purchase these units with an ATEX approved certificate.